Upgrade To Multi-Usb Phone Chargers


Most devices now have USB ports for charging, or come with its own charging brick and cable with one USB end. Lugging all those chargers inside your bag doesn’t seem like a good idea. Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you could just carry one brick for your mobile, tablet, Bluetooth headset and even for your power bank?

Getting a multi-USB phone charger is a genius life hack. One brick can have two or more USB ports and designed to handle the load for multiple devices simultaneously. Aside from saving space in your bag, it can save time as well. Charge multiple devices gadgets in minutes, and there is no need to settle for a single brick and wait for one device to fully recharge before plugging the next one. Bring it with you everywhere, your home or office. That way, wherever you stop on your daily routine, you can recharge your mobile whenever needed. You’ll dodge that dreaded blinking or red battery icon on your phone and won’t miss any important calls, notifications and emails.

It’s also a compact and efficient solution for any traveler, there’s no need to fumble and carry different cables and adapters in the luggage. A universal multi-USB charger is suitable for international travel. Choose one with different sliding plugs – 3-prong, flat or round, or plugs that are for UK, EU, Asia, Australia or US.

Specifications to Consider When Buying Multi USB Phone Chargers

When we talk about USB power and current, not all devices require same amount. Question is can you use one charger for any device? Most mobile phones and tablets need at least 2.1A to charge up. Check the original charging bricks of the gadgets you have, it usually has a sticker or engraved specifications about the wattage, voltage and amps it supplies. Match these numbers with the multi-USB charger you’re buying. Some of these bricks supply same amount of amps on each port, around 1Amp per port, which isn’t enough current to charge larger devices like tablets. If you notice that your phone isn’t holding charge when you unplug it, either it has a bad battery or the charger isn’t supplying enough amperage on that port. Newer models can supply up to 2.4Amps evenly, and has embedded smart chips that recognize the device and amount of amperage needed for optimal charging.

Also, every wall charger has maximum wattage that it can carry through its circuitry. When you start charging energy-hungry devices simultaneously, make sure that the brick you bought can supply the total power. If you plan to charge larger devices or more mobile phones on your multi-USB charger, choose family models with higher wattage. This may cost more than regular USB mobile chargers, but you don’t have to worry about universal compatibility for multiple devices.

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